Vintage Easter Vignette

It is Easter weekend and I have been creating, decorating and leafing through

cookbooks for a perfect lemon dessert, I think I have found one and if it turns 

out as good as it looks, I will be sharing it next week.

But for now, it is a simple Vintage Easter Vignette.

A few beloved treasures from daughters and my Mother make this vignette

very special to me.

This little brass birdcage is 33 years old, my Mother gave it to me when she 

came to visit me in Hawaii. 

The Grandchildren love it, there is a tiny bird inside sitting on a swing

their little fingers adeptly and nimbly push the swing.

I love watching their angelic faces as they giggle with pure delight.

These two wooden bunny nutcrackers keep checking their time pieces to see

if Easter has arrived yet. 

They are very anxious to deliver Easter baskets...

And of course this Easter Bunny is named Early-years ago we had a storybook

about a bunny who waited for the most treasured egg of Easter, and it was


Since this was a favorite story of my youngest daughter she gave me this

wooden vintage bunny holding the perfect treasured egg of Easter.

I am still trying to find that book...

Happy Easter!

With love~

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Maundy Thursday-Inspirational

Since I have a wretched cold and cough I was unable to sleep past four

this morning, so I stumbled out of the bed, grabbed my cozy

green "Grandma," sweater and huddled on the sofa thinking how rotten I felt.  

Sort of feeling that sorry for myself type thing, you know that feeling... 

My mind wandered as the coffee pot heaved and steamed away and then I 

remembered what today was.

Maundy Thursday and I stopped feeling sorry for myself.

Today is also known as Holy Thursday and commemorates 

the Last Supper when Jesus shared the Passover meal with his disciples on 

the night before he was crucified.

Tonight was the night that Jesus washed the feet of his disciples, before the

Passover meal, as a lowly act of service to show the extent of his love.

Knowing that he would be betrayed and hung on the cross.

I have pretty much stayed away from writing about my Faith,

I haven't wanted to offend anyone with my beliefs, 

but I have things in my heart to share. 

My Faith is what makes my world make sense.

And when I think of the sacrifice of Jesus, I am humbled beyond words.

Jesus lights my path and there have many times in which it has been dark.

I have been lost, weary and sick,

but never alone because I have Jesus holding my hand.

It is no coincidence that the world awakens from darkness every Spring and

that it blooms rich in color, vibrant and passionate hues grace our entries and 

flower beds.

There is a saving Grace and Jesus Christ gave us this gift.

Maundy Thursday is a solemn day, because it is the day in which Jesus Christ

was betrayed.

This is the day he broke the bread and shared the wine, as a new covenant of

God's promise that we would be saved.

Saved because of love.

There is, nor ever will be a greater love than this and the example has been

set for us to love and care for each other.

Maundy comes from the Latin word (mandatum) which is a reference to the 

commands that Jesus gave his disciples at the Last Supper-

that we should love one another with humility and serve 

one another and remember his sacrifice.

So today, I am going to be mindful of the greatest sacrifice ever made-

I am going to be thinking of the garden of Gethsamane where Jesus prayed 

and cried.

Where he was obedient to the divine plan and continue to know that Jesus

walks with me every day of my life.

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Easter Centerpiece

After visiting Callaway Gardens I came home inspired!

Well, honestly how could I not-right?

So, while the inspiration was fresh, I seized the moment.

I decided to create this vibrant Easter centerpiece.

There is nothing shy about the flamboyant colors I used, but my goal was

to bring the passion and vitality of Easter and Spring into our dining room.

If Mother Nature can douse her landscape with intense Spring color,

then certainly I can add a touch of that to our home as well.

As you can see this room receives an extra dose of sunshine with tall

Southern exposure windows, so I really feel as though the room has

a tendency to become washed out.

Just another reason to add a hardy dose of vibrant and rich color in

a Spring centerpiece.

If you look real hard you might see some butterflies whimsically soaring

around the centerpiece and a few pink glitter Easter Eggs-

Perhaps a bunny or two has joined in on the festivities.

You know, I love adding a little playfulness to just about everything.

Life is just too short not to-right...

 Even this table runner has sweet little flowers on it.

HomeGoods-I think it was under $15.00, now isn't that such a great price?

Love, love, love it!

My daughter and her family are embarking on a new career path and will

be leaving Georgia soon, so I may never visit Callaway Gardens again.

But I brought a small piece of the gardens home with me,

in my heart,

in my mind,

and in my soul.

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