Raspberry Scones

This is a recipe which you might just consider making this coming Sunday for Mother's Day.

Bake it for your own Mom, or if you are a Mom with young ones, have your hubby help them

make it for you, or if you are like me and you have a craving for a fresh raspberry scone-

Ta da...make some for yourself!

Did I mention that they are No Fail- I know this to be true because I made them with a

plastic spoon in a Pyrex casserole dish, with not one measuring cup nor, a measuring spoon.

But I did have a very random cooking tool that did not get packed during the move

-a pastry blender...hmmm

 (or the almost move-yes we are sitting in a house full of boxes since Friday,

double trouble on the buyers end, shame on them -details to follow. (  Am I fit to be tied? Yes.)

Fresh butter, juicy ripe raspberries, homemade vanilla extract (thanks to my SIL-Vicki)

you can already see why this is an amazing recipe-

A dough that is incredible, in fact one that I was thinking could double as a pie crust, and it

is wonderful to handle too.

You can see from this photo the consistency is amazing, tender, but does not fall apart.

These scones do not look like the traditional scone, but flavor and texture certainly are.

These scones get rolled up like a jelly roll and then sliced.

They make about 9-10 depending on how thick you slice them.

This great recipe is adapted from Erren's Kitchen

Now my friends this is a scrumptious scone, grab yourself your favorite brew and enjoy.

Also, Happy Mother's Day to the best group of ladies around!


Please Join Me~

Ivy and Elephants

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The Cabin Called Me

" I came upon a cabin,

I heard it's voice call to me,

come a little closer, and I will tell you what is to be.

The wind rustles through the trees,

the darkness falls too soon, 

but you will know, and so will I,

that kindness should always be pursued."
                                     ~author unknown~

 I would like to share our serendipitous discovery while hiking in

the beautiful state of Colorado last Summer.

A delightful cabin in the woods.

Still well equipped with a trusty and durable metal roof to shield against weather and varmints.


A cabin loaded with personality and colorful interest, intricate details,

could we even say maybe a Gingerbread House architectural design?

She and I sort of clicked, I was mesmerized by her.

She knew it too, because she looked good in every angle and lighting.

Some people might just see old and tattered, I see intriguing -a log cabin with so many stories to tell.

She appeared kind, personable and adorable too.

Offering a lantern to weary travelers.

And another one for overnight guests.

My friend Doreen over at House Honeys lives in a wonderful cabin and even has

bears that wander by-pay her a visit she'd love to see you!

I would like a cabin in the woods, would you?


Please Join Me~

Cozy Little House

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Trading Spaces

As we visit one another in our supportive networks of cozy kitchen tables, nestled desks,

chippy furniture, silver, and Boho styles there are many of us who are,

or have been in the last year, trading spaces.

I have listened to you, gleaned tips from you, and now it seems it is my turn.

My husband and I are trading spaces, we are leaving the fences of suburbia behind.

Those comforting dividers that keep us all neatly lined up in a row.

Those familiar white picket, brown or iron structures which whisper,

this is my space and that is yours.

This perfectly defined space which is familiar, comfortable, it is what I am accustomed to.

It is home.

We are trading the spaces of suburbia for a little more space, not too far from home.

A few acres in Rockwall County Texas, where the bobcats and coyotes roam.

This is our home site,

imagining all of the possibilities

and at the same time feeling, well....

As though I am living in an ambiguous position these days,

The place where one says-is it this way or that-

I liken it to the scene in the Wizard of Oz, where the scarecrow places his arms

across his chest, and points his fingers in opposite directions to the Emerald City,

not really certain which way is which..

One word-Confusing.

We are in the process of working with an architect and builder to design our "retirement," home.

A melding of a couple of plans into one, with sensible square footage, reigning in the size.

In our area most builders today lean towards designs that are -BIG-

We are not chasing big or snazzy-

Our number one goal is to save dollars on utilities, taxes, water, insurance, you know what I mean.

A comfortable and cozy one story home for us.

While this lengthy process takes place we will be giving the apartment scene a try.

I am learning so much about Architectural Styles, Texas, Spanish , French Country, Shed homes,

Dutch, English Cottage, so many sub categories, so many pretties.

So many designs to choose from, and most renderings are always very charming even

when they aren't my cup of tea.

Just a week ago my friend Sheri, from  Red Rose Alley asked what our dream home might look like.

Would your dream home have a front porch, a nook for reading, a niche for art?

Would your dream location be on a lake or along an ocean inlet?

 Another friend, Melanie over at Comfy House raised another question - city, suburbs or country?

When it comes down to it, it becomes quite complicated, too many choices, too much wondering,

time management, money management...

Especially when those wretched doubts begin to prance in ones head.

We are moving tomorrow, into an apartment while our new home is being built, I will

look forward to sharing my on the other side of fifty view point with you and the journey

of building a new home.

While at the same time reaching out to you for design and decorating tips and coping with the

anxiety of building.

So if something pops into your head email me!

                                                       photos  from  Dream Home Source

Trading Spaces, many of us have embarked on this journey.

Did you trade your space for another, what is your story?


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