Salads For Sale

I have a few questions for you...

Would you buy a previously prepared salad from a vending machine?

How about if it was in a mason jar and only cost one dollar?

I asked myself these same questions as I was reading an article from The Atlantic Magazine.

Formerly known as The Atlantic Monthly.

The article was in the Health section of the online edition of this magazine.

It seems, Luke Saunders, a young entrepreneur invented the salad machine-(vending machine.)

The article delves into the premise that if we have the same amount of dollars to spend on fast food

or a healthy salad that were both available to us in the same amount of time,

would we spend the dollars on healthy salads or turn to the comfort of a hamburger.

Super interesting and an article that definitely provides "food for thought," no pun intended...wink...

If you have some time to spare and are interested in the article, here is the link

The Dreadful Inconvenience of Salad.

In the meantime, I have a super great salad to share with you that is full of healthy ingredients,

and is great alone or along side your baked potato or entree.

And since we have had a very wicked snow and ice storm in Dallas this weekend, this is the

salad we will be having this evening-too slick to venture out.

Kishu Mandarin Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette 


12 cups leaf lettuce torn into bite size pieces

4 Kishu Mandarin Oranges

10 Champagne Tomatoes

1/2  Cucumber

4 Radish

Handful of dried cranberries

2 Tablespoon chopped walnuts

1-2 ounce Feta cheese (optional)

Salt and Pepper

Ken's Balsamic Vinaigrette ( fan of Ken's Dressings)


Wash lettuce and spin dry, tear into bite size pieces and place in large salad bowl

Peel Kishu Mandarin Oranges and pull apart segments

Slice Champagne Tomatoes in half

Dice Cucumber and Radishes

Add cranberries, walnuts and feta cheese, toss all ingredients together, salt and pepper to taste.

Now, seriously would you buy a salad from a vending machine-


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Natural Spring Wreath & Vignette

It's wreath season at my house and I am thrilled to be making wreaths for my dear girls.

The two oldest have chosen neutral naturals and the youngest has chosen green naturals.

I have finished one of them and I have hung it on my secretary for inspiration

to create this Spring Vignette.

I have been hot gluing like crazy at my house these past few days and unfortunately have a

blister on one finger that is very uncomfortable.

I think it was worth it though for this cute Spring Wreath, one thing is certain,

I know it is not going to fall apart!

Not one thing went to waste making this wreath, not even the leaves.

Total cost around $10.00- $15.00, it will depend on your choice of flowers.

At the very least I buy my floral when they are 50 percent off, better yet, always shop the

discount section, as there are always pretty posies left behind.

Materials Needed to Make This 12 inch Spring Wreath

*( 1) 10 inch straw wreath form (finished product measures 12 inches).

* (24) 2 inch flowers and leaves from stems.

* (30) 1/2 inch flowers and leaves from stems.

* Scissors.

*Floral Cutters.

* Hot glue gun and glue sticks.

* Ribbon ( to hang wreath).

Spring Wreath Tutorial

12 Inch Spring Wreath Directions

Remove plastic from straw wreath, cut 24 floral stems to one inch in length.

Cut leaves off stems and set them aside.

Taking the tip of scissors separate the fibers of the straw wreath.

Place a generous dollop of hot glue into hole made by the tip of scissors.

Push 1 inch floral stems into hole with hot glue and hold for a few seconds.

Glue the 24 floral stems that you have cut to one inch length around the top of the wreath

then work your way around to the sides.

Cut stems and leaves off (30) 1/2 inch flowers.

Set leaves aside and save to add later.

Hot glue 1/2 inch flowers onto the bare spaces of the wreath.

Glue the leaves, around entire center of wreath.

Tuck and glue leaves around wreath to create natural appearance.

There are a couple of great finds that I have been wanting to incorporate into this Vignette.

The wicker/rattan chair which I found at  Angels Attic-$15.00  and the brass water pitcher I picked

up in Oklahoma while visiting my daughter and granddaughter-$5.00.

I cut back the roses that were still looking good from my Valentine flowers and bunched them up

in the cute chubby brass pitcher.

I added some green zest to my antique secretary desk by using green Ikat scrap book paper and

taping it to the back of the desk, along with green ceramic apples which I picked up at the Red

Door in Louisiana.  I like how the green adds harmony to the Spring vignette.

Then, I found these hankies in my sister's cedar chest.

 I lovingly ironed them, placed them on this silver tray and included them in my Spring Vignette

-but I must share this with you.

You see those monogram MJ initials-those were my Mother's-

I suspect she did this stitching as a child.

This Spring Vignette seems to have something for all of my pleased.


Please Join Me~

French Country Cottage

Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson

Ivy and Elephants

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Focus On Your Passion & Purpose

On January 1, of this year I hit the publish button on a post which I was compelled to

write.  It was on the subject of  Aging With Style.

A new year had dawned and so had a heightened awareness within my soul.

Aging- a topic so universal and yet when discussed it is done so with adjectives such as-

coping, accepting, transitioning, response is phooey!

I don't want to cope, I want to live with a heart that is on fire!!

I am so passionate about Aging with style and from the comments that many of you left

- so are you!

In my wildest dreams I did not imagine that the Passion, Purpose & Productivity Project would

resonate, inspire and encourage women to care for and uplift one another so thoughtfully.

As we continue this amazing journey together, hand in hand across the mountains and seas,

I would like to introduce you to a lovely, sincere, and passionate woman- Jan.

You will find Jan at Jan's Place  sharing recipes, devotionals and decorating tips,

 as well as glimpses into her life as she shares with us the talents she was blessed with.

Jan will be opening up her home, her life and her journey on how she "ignites," passion in her daily

life and just how much living a life with intent, passion, purpose and productivity means to her.

Thank you Jan, for sharing your time and thoughts with us today.

It seems to me that in today's world there is so much, (too) much pressure put on a female.

The pressure begins earlier and earlier with each generation.

The images we see, the voices we hear, the words which are written, do not define a real female.

There is no such thing as perfect in these imperfect earthly bodies, but there is real living to be done,

real adventures with those we love, and there is the importance of really being true to yourself.

Being true to yourself, being proud of the woman you are and the woman you are yet to be,

are all vital elements to being a woman who ages with style.

It is not the clothes we wear, nor the style of our hair that causes us to or not to age with style.

Aging with style is being imperfect, fragmented, totally honest with ourselves and accepting

who we are, warts and all!

Here are some tips that are beginning to  work for me, tell me what you think-

1- Everyone's journey is unique-there is no generic prescription.

2-Don' judge those who stumble (including yourself) we all make mistakes.

3-Keep your vision and goals aligned.

4-Don't let the word "Age," define you.

5-Laugh, seriously laugh alot!

As our project grows and as we continue to reach out to one another-woman to  woman  I would

like to share with you some of the inspiring responses I have received during the past few months.

Including a quote from Socrates~

Sharing some positive thoughts  from other Ladies who are embracing Aging With Style.

Sheri From Red Rose Alley ~
" Sometimes we get settled in our surroundings, we need to remember to sparkle..."

Willie From Living Life On Main Street
" Hey, I am almost 81 and it really isn't too late  to start anything,  I published a book..."

Michelle From It's a Small Town Life
"I want to age with some grace and purpose,"

Marigene From In The Middle of Nowhere
"Remaining optimistic and positive, laughing frequently, and keeping an open mind are keys to aging with grace and style..."

Satu From My Usual Daily Life
"I'm quite happy with my knowledge of life that I have now."

Jann From Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson
"What would life be like without passion or purpose...I really do love life and I figure smile wrinkles are much better than ones formed from frowning."

Carol From Art and Sand
"I am content with myself and my age..."

Linda From Linda's Lens
" I hike and ski with folks in their 60's and 70's and they are my role models...I say you are as old as you feel, if you don't use it, you lose it!"

If this is your first visit please visit these other Bloggers for more inspiration.

Dewena writing from Dewena's WindowHonora writing from Pondside,

Linda writing from My Sew What Blog and Nancy writing from Created for a Journey.

Thanks again to Jan from Jan' Place for sharing her world that is "Ignited With Passion."

How do you remain true to yourself and embrace your purpose?

See you tomorrow with a New Spring Wreath~


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