Traditional Red Christmas

We were blessed to have most of our family together for Thanksgiving this year, it was sort

of a mixed celebration of Thanksgiving and Christmas.

As well as a send off for our middle daughter and her family, as they relocate to California.

In anticipation of this send off  I decorated our formal areas and the guest room for Christmas before

Thanksgiving using traditional red and green.

As much as I have fallen in love with incorporating white into Christmas decorating.

There is something so timeless, warm and welcoming about adding red and green to our

home during the Holidays.

Poinsettias are such a glorious plant and I enjoy the shape of their "blossoms,"

many people also refer to them as the Christmas flower or Christmas star.

I have used them as a theme throughout our home.

You will see them in various spots of my formal areas- my dough bowl, Christmas Tree, mantle,

chandelier and front door wreath.

A few gold stars and ornaments combined with red deco mesh, red ornaments,

red and white poinsettias,  make our wreath and Christmas Tree full and abundant.

This is one of our bright stars that has moved away, his sweet spirit, and his keen mind

brought much joy to our household.

Oh, and he so enjoyed smelling the tulips and paper whites, to be two - is so precious.

We made Gingerbread and sugar cookies and I ordered this adorable gnome from

Rustic Spoonful on ETSY.

They are the sweetest folks to work with, so if you have the chance stop by their shop-

their merchandise is amazing.

Of course, every house needs at least one snowman to watch over things.

My daughter Samantha, who is the creator of  Crafty Texas Girls, made this Christmas sign

which I love ! She has a tutorial on how to make this project as well as tons of inspiration.

Drop on by to see her, she'd love your visit.

I have always wanted to decorate our dining room chandelier with garland, so this year

seemed like the perfect year to do it.

I even added little trumpets and you know what... they are actually napkin rings...

I have had the best luck with fresh flowers this Christmas Season.

From tulips to poinsettias and roses.

My tulips wilted away before their stem did, so I clipped the stems off and added them

to the rose bouquet.

I like the lighter green of the tulip stem mixed in with the darker shade of the rose stem.

I suppose these roses are not a deep red, but I was taken with the variegated blossom and thought

they were well suited to the white urn, white bead board and checked quilt.

So, Christmas is now just a week away, all of our homes are decorated, much baking has already

been done and we all wait in anticipation of the celebration of the greatest gift in human history.

Have a lovely weekend, my dears!

Please Join Me~

The Charm Of Home

Rooted In Thyme


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The Art of Making Snowflakes

You know, I so loved making snowflakes growing up.

I do believe, that I may have looked a bit like a version of Edward Scissor Hands.

Busily fashioning snowflake after snowflake and then taping them on doors, walls, windows

or wherever Mom would let me.

(She was a bit of a stickler about tape on the walls-back then when the tape was pulled off the walls,

some of the paint seemed to come off with it-not good.)

As the children came along I made snowflakes with them too.

But, children grow up-childhood crafts are no long made and sadly enough some of these

wonderful childhood crafting skills are forgotten.

But I was rescued, resuscitated, saved by these unfortunate lapses of memory by a very

gracious and talented granddaughter, and her little sister.

Little granddaughter opted out of snowflake making and went straight to the Nativity

scene to play with baby Jesus.

Fortunate for me, our oldest granddaughter graciously shared with me her artistic

technique on how to create the perfectly wonderful and wondrous snowflake...


You see, there truly is a certain amount of celestial charm this time of the year,

when love is given generously,

lights glow extra bright,

tiffs are forgotten,

and if you are blessed to have children around you,

the magic of the season is around each and every corner of the house.

And then she sat down and with such ease, such patience.

She drew a circle on a solid piece of white paper, smiling and talking and instructing.

With nimble little fingers she cut the circle out and proceeded to fold the circle,

until it was every so tiny.

Then snip, snip, snip....

Swiftly, and creatively she created three beautiful snowflakes.

I think these will be a beautiful addition to some Christmas packages with ribbon and bows.

Thank you sweet granddaughter, this was fun!

Please Join Me~



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Little Women Christmas Vignette

Each Christmas I try to make one or two projects from scratch.

Most of the time they are very simple to make.

Sometimes they involve various family members and sometimes they do not.

This Christmas I was all on my own, and I really didn't want to spend too much time or money.

So, I began the search of finding out exactly what I had in my craft cubbies.

Well I found out that Mother Hubbard had pretty bare cupboards.

I found these leftover styrofoam balls from last years project Styrofoam Christmas Ornaments,

which I made using hot glue and thumbtacks.

So I used them again this year, but switched up the materials and used bias tape, rick-rack and

hot glue.

I hung a few on a Christmas Tree.

And then incorporated the rest of them in to my Vintage Christmas Vignette.

My middle daughter mentioned to me that this vignette reminds her of a scene

out of the book Little Women.

And so, this vignette has a new name...

Little Women Christmas Vignette.

Little Women was a favorite book of my Mom's, and a favorite movie of my three girls and myself.

Sort of a tradition for us to watch this movie every year during the Christmas Season.

It always made us laugh and always made us cry.

I made some garland for the mirror out of greens, lights, my hand made ornaments and these

precious vintage tags

My youngest daughter brought me these tags this past Thanksgiving and I am super happy to be

able to use use them in this Vignette.

My son-in-law gave me this tablecloth when he was deployed a few years ago, I folded it

over several times and now it gives the appearance of a table runner.

I love the design and muted cranberry hue which complements our blue room.

The soft glow of candles against my tin planter gives a rustic, cozy and relaxing charm to our room.

You might remember the Amaryllis Bulbs  I planted in November, well here they are

just on the brink of blooming!

I am not sure they will be blooming on Christmas day but I am sure hoping!

I think a new tradition has been started this year, I feel as though I will always have a

Little Women Christmas Vignette.

My way of remembering the very special women in my life.

Any special Traditions in your home?

Please Join Me~

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