Black Fashion Friday

The fashion industry is a complex one and full of flair, drama and down right interesting


 I follow a few designers on Instagram just to see what is going on in the world of

high fashion.

Some of the styles I like, some I don't but I found a few to share with you this week

that I find strikingly classic, feminine and flattering. 

The set on the top left is a collection by Viktor & Rolf Designers. 

They are said to be some of the industry's most famous and often unpredictable showmen.

Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren met while studying fashion in the Netherlands, their company 

has it's headquarters in Amsterdam.

I personally feel as though it has a Holiday flair and I think it is especially lovely accessorized with

Manolo Blahnik Chaos Patent Ankle Wrap sandal.

I think this set would be great for all ages, figure shapes, and I see endless possibilities in dressing

it up or keeping it simple.

Accessorizing it with boots or adding a pop of color with this vibrant Hermes scarf (or if your

pocket book is like mine a knock off scarf would be absolutely perfect for a cool Fall day,

or breezy Winter afternoon.

Ending this Friday Fashion collection with a pair of jeans and casual black sweater, maybe toss in

a really wonderful purse by luxury designer Yves Saint Laurent for added interest if you are in

the mood, as well as some amazing black boots.

I have been on the look out for boots these past few weeks and I found there is a really great

selection this year-for the real woman.

To me that means not all of them have high heels and are still loaded with gorgeous style and

comfort, which is surely a win, win,

And if nothing else Be Happy!


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Brown Sugar Frosting

Oh yum, this is a vanilla infused, buttery brown sugar frosting that clings to the spoon.

This is a frosting that makes the simplest of cakes turn from ordinary to extraordinary.

The fact that it is so easy and no fail makes this even more of a frosting that you and I

will want to keep and use during the Holidays, perfect on sugar cookies too.

I made this frosting and then dipped my Rolo Chocolate filled German Chocolate cupcakes into

this sort of forget the cake and eat the frosting out of the bowl recipe.

Seriously, do not make this frosting when you are hungry because you can easily eat it

by heaping spoonfuls.

I am getting a little off track here, but if you like a little ooey gooey, in the center of your

cupcake you might want to give this a little try.

Just tuck a chocolate caramel Rolo in the center of your cupcake batter just before baking.

A little added bit of goodness, never ever hurt anyone.

I was preparing dinner at the same time I was baking these and this little guy with

the big smile was eating some frosting out of the bowl,

Time slipped away and I over baked the first dozen cupcakes, which seemed not to hurt the cupcakes

 as much as it did the Rolo chocolate inside.

So, these little treasures need to be watched- depending on how full you fill them.

2/3 cup full is the rule of thumb.

Bake time 18-22 minutes, I'd start watching them at 15.

All of my recipes are prepared with love in my kitchen, so they are tested by some of the

finest taste buds around.

I hope you always feel free to print any of the recipes I share with you and make them 

with love for your family too.


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Family Room Mantle Dilemma

Our Family Room mantle always seems so challenging to decorate,

I become so indecisive as to what and where to place things, that eventually it becomes a dilemma.

So, this year I decided on a few things from the beginning.

One, I wanted to use Gold.

Two incorporate a Rooster or two.

And three I was not going to spend any extra dollars except on pumpkins and maybe a little can

of gold spray paint to paint some frames and a jar or two.

I just really want to keep this vignette economical, enjoyable, simple and Autumnal.

I seem to have plenty of gold accessories in our home, so it was just a matter of assembling

the different sizes and shapes together.

I love this tin whatchamacallit, which my oldest daughter gave me when she and her family

lived on the North Shore in Louisiana, and these straw flowers are a near perfect fit.

(could someone please tell me the true name of the whatchamacallit, as I truly cannot remember.)

Well, by now you know I love my floral chairs and you have seen them in the formal living room.

I was just looking for a bit of a change and wanted to create a little sitting area next to my fireplace.

So, back to the mantle dilemma, I like a subtle glow in my lighting.

But since there is not an electrical outlet on the mantle I am unable to have any lamps tucked

here and there.

  I have made the best of this situation, by incorporating LED candles.

 I found these two at Home Goods, and we all know we love this store, for great selections and prices.

So not only do the clear candlesticks with the LED lighting add a fabulous glow they add

height, which was also needed for this vignette.

Seriously, these candles should have been invented years ago, love em~

So inviting, relaxing and comforting.

Oh, isn't it pure fun to decorate with these little mini pumpkins too, I just think they are the best.

I suppose everyone has a decorating dilemma or two, but I must say that by

approaching this vignette with a bit of a strategy from the very beginning

it certainly did lessen the frustration of decorating.

Do you have any decorating dilemmas in your home?

Please Join Me~

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